TEDxTurku 2017 speakers

TED history is being made at TEDxTurku

TED history is being made at TEDxTurku

On November 17th 2017 at the TEDxTurku speech event, we will hear speeches on many current and inspirational topics. At this years TEDxTurku we’re going to experience something completely new.

In these speeches that evolve around the theme “Not stereotypes”, we will hear about future work prospects, visual communication, grief and commemoration rituals online, multicultural identities and fluctuations in our state of mind.

At this fourth event in Turku, we will hear eight speeches in English. Our ninth performer is a surprise. They groundbreaking performance will make TEDx history. This is something that has never been seen at any TED format anywhere in the world.

Our speakers and TEDx-team have polished these speeches in regards to content, performance and technology. Our speakers have been coached by performance coach Kristina Vahvaselkä, who has been a part of the TEDxTurku team for many years. Our speakers have received both personal and group guidance. The aim is to make a good speech even better and more touching.

“TEDx speeches differ from regular speeches in a sense that they are carefully planned and polished. The speakers this year are exceptionally good and their subjects are interesting. We have considered the tempo of their speech, what to emphasize on and in what order they will perform. All this affects our understanding of these speeches and the ideas therein.”

Kristina Vahvaselkä expresses what a delight it has been to coach these motivated speakers and also to hear their ideas of which we can learn from.

Event ticket sale is open. Pre-sales have been lively and we’re expecting about 300 listeners in Sigyn-hall. It is also possible to ask about tickets at the venue on that day.

The after party for TEDxTurku will be held at Piazza, Linnankatu 3. We have arranged a bus transportation. The event is organized by Events Turku ry. The event itself is realized by volunteer work in association with several partners.


Tom Laine: Talent, branding, future workplac

Tiina Butter: Art, new method, memory disease

Minghui Gao: Identity, intercultural, intriguing

Anna Haverinen: Digitality, death, mourning

Simo Koivisto-Rajala: Millennials, big hoax, individuals

Salla Lehtipuu: Doodling, visual, facilitation

Anna Puhakka: Well-being, rollercoaster, know your ride

Sara Salmani: Marketing, life, muslim

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