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 Their bold moves and tricks look effortless while they threaten gravity with their new show called symbiosis.


Say hello to our performers from contemporary circus duo CiRc2M!

“Our field of art comes with lots of stereotypes. The circus is surprisingly conventional; It’s unexpected that both of us found circus as an adult. You don’t need to be a child genius to become a pro, even in a physical art like this. In circus, you need to cross the line of normal, which takes a lot of work and discipline.

What we love about the circus is that it’s so diverse. In the field of contemporary circus, almost any physical act can be circus. When talking about the profession people may ask if I’m some kind of a clown – and although clown art is only a drop in the ocean, I feel really proud saying yes. Yes, I am a clown.

Our act is about parasitic interaction. It is not necessary to say more. The piece will speak for itself.”


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Magician Koldo Toribio

“I found magic almost 20 years ago. I grew up in Spain, which is a very important country magic-wise: Spain is one of the most innovative places with card tricks.

As a magician I run into stereotypes often: people may think magic is for kids only, but when they see it themselves, they amaze and want to bring their friends to see me.

The best thing in magic is the way impossible things happen right in front of our eyes. In movies we see amazing things, but we can’t experience them ourselves. Magic can happen on your hand, which makes it fascinating – the inexplicable comes true.”


Caricature artist

Caricature artists will make your event a blast! You will get a funny and special memory of TEDxTurku. 

Atmosphere drawing

Two local artists from Turku Comic Society are doing atmosphere drawing during the evening. Turku Comic Society is a small, but very lively association. Everyone interested in comics is warmly welcomed to join.

Abot Turku comic Society

A new wave of comics rose in Finland at the end of the 1970s. Several authors broke through, underground comics were published, and comic-related events and societies were born. Turku Comic Society was founded by Marku Haapio, whose first event was a Tarzan seminar kept at The University of Turku (1974). The society was registered the next year, and it is the second oldest comic association in Finland.