The last two revelations!

It’s just amazing thinking that this will finally happen, we have done so much work to make this event possible and now it’s actually happening!! We’ll make this blog post short, still a few things to do before the doors open at 17:00 and the Brella networking starts!

At 18:00 our MC opens the event and we’ll have the honor to hear some great ideas worth sharing until 21:30 when the event ends. During the break between 19:30-20:15 it’s time for some more networking and food and after the event we will all head for Piazza to the afterparty!

So ladies and gentlemen, here are the last two revelations!

Satu Korhonen

Imagine if you could change a life with a question, for questions are powerful tools to change our focus and view of the world. A good question can take something that is so familiar to us we no longer really see it and transform it into something new. Satu Korhonen (PhD Educ., FRSA) looked at teaching and learning from the standpoint of the organizer and from that viewpoint looked at issues such as life-long learning and maintaining expertise. However, after seeing how her young daughter learns, her view of what learning is and how it should be organized turned on its axis, for a new question emerged. What if people don’t need to be taught to, but instead have their learning facilitated? This question guided her life into completely different directions and onto new questions. In her presentation at TEDxTurku 2015 she invites everyone to ask questions for our questions can change lives.

Ivory & Vocal

Ivory & Vocal is a duo from the beautiful Finnish town of Turku. The duo got started in 2013 and was mainly focusing on the art of light jazz and lounge music, but has since then grown it´s repertoire to cover as many genres of music as possible for a piano-vocal act. From pubs to fine dining restaurants, weddings, birthdays and funerals, to corporate events and even competitions; this duo brings you the perfect match and blend of mood, pleasure, laughs and tears and gives their mind and heart out to the audience sincerely and without questioning. The music becomes alive from the feeling and the stories from the reading, every day, making the atmosphere apart from any else.

See you soon!
Team TEDxTurku2015