2017 Speakers

TEDxTurku 2017: Not Stereotypes

They are finally here: speakers of TEDxTurku 2017!


Tiina Butter

My passion is to enable people to understand themselves, each other, and the world surrounding them using images and words. I am an optimist by nature. I trust people. I believe in the possibility of change. I am an inspirer, an encourager, and a critic.


Minghui Gao

Being passionate about intercultural issues, Minghui Gao is doing research on intercultural communication in the media, multicultural education and international business. She is currently a PhD researcher at the University of Helsinki and the University of Turku. With her academic research on interculturality and identity, Minghui is going to share her personal experience of tangoing with stereotypes.


Anna Haverinen

Anna Haverinen has a Digital Culture PhD from the University of Turku, Finland. She has a background in cultural anthropology, archaeology and museum studies, which lead to a passionate interest to death rituals. In her ethnographic PhD study she examined extensively why, how and where people mourn and honor online. Currently she is working as a Design Anthropologist at a Finnish design and development agency Taiste.


Simo Koivisto-Rajala

Simo is quite the millennial: working in an international setting, looking to express and develop himself through work, dreaming of giving Ted speeches and knowing more internet memes than names of plants that grow in the nearest forest. Yet, when looking at his age-mates, he didn’t see a ‘Generation Y’ – and ended up writing his Master’s thesis, as well as crafting his upcoming speech, about why you shouldn’t either.


Tom Laine

Tom Laine is one of the most experienced social media recruitment and employer branding experts in Europe, training organisations across Europe, Middle East and Asia. Tom is also a serial entrepreneur focused on social media and crowdsourcing startups, having founded his first social media startup already back in 1999. Tom has authored several books on innovations and social media.


Salla Lehtipuu

Salla Lehtipuu is a visual facilitator and an entrepreneur. She works doing live sketchnoting and visual recording in events, seminars, workshops and strategy processes. She also gives workshops and speeches about how to apply doodling and visual thinking to your daily life and work. Salla Lehtipuu was one of the first people to make whiteboard animation in Finland. She has worked with companies and events like Bank of Finland, Slush, Posti and Salesforce, etc. Salla is interested in facilitating learning with the help of arts. Her aim is to bring more visual tools to people to enable better learning and understanding. Her background comes from studies of business and entrepreneurship (BBA) and arts. Visual facilitation benefits from the knowledge of both fields. Visual facilitation is a combination of texts, colors, drawings and shapes to enable better learning and common understanding in bigger groups.


Anna Puhakka

Anna Puhakka is a writer, speaker and tutor in adult education. Anna’s experience in human rights work spans over a decade, and in the recent years she has taken a special interest in human well-being. Anna has travelled widely and has witnessed how stereotypes do not bear close scrutiny.


Sara Salmani

Sara Salmani is a creative director who is passionate about creating work that breaks stereotypes. An advocate for Muslim women, Sara has been featured in several large publications, radio and TV shows. Her work includes producing the first Ramadan and Eid campaign held at shopping centre Itis. With her half Finnish and half Iranian roots, she has her feet in both worlds, understanding the needs and wants of both cultures. Her passion is to build bridges between the West and Muslims through her work.